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Deacon Mike Denny


Fr Francis Nnadi


The Parish of the Sacred Heart is located in the northeastern corner of the Shrewsbury Diocese, and centred in the town of Whaley Bridge. The parish boundary embraces the towns of Whaley Bridge, Furness Vale, Newtown, Disley as well as villages of Fernilee, Buxworth and Kettleshulme.

Whilst the parish church in Whaley Bridge is our principal place of worship, our close relationship with the Methodist Church in Disley provides us with another centre for Sunday Mass.

  • Latest Mass times
    SUNDAYS Mass @ 10:00am at the Sacred Heart, Whaley Bridge, by appointment.

At the outset of the Coronavirus pandemic, like all other churches, we were obliged to close ours, and no public celebration of the Mass could be celebrated. However, due to the relaxation of the rules, we are happy to announce that our parish church has now re-opened enabling us to celebrate the Eucharist once more, though subject to approved health and safety measures. Initially, Mass will be celebrated on Sundays at Whaley Bridge at 10:00am, and attendance will be by appointment, either by telephone or e-mail. Safe capacity is limited to 20 places, and names will be taken up to the latest by 6:00pm on the Saturday before. Please contact the presbytery on 01663 732614 or via this link to the Contacts page.

As time passes, amidst a constantly changing situation, we will review whether or not we would be able to celebrate more Masses, either at the weekend or during the week, but this is very much dependent upon our resources and capability. The Methodist Church in Disley is currently not open for Mass.



For parishioners who normally contribute to the collection at Mass and wish to help the parish during these difficult times, please use the donate page by clicking here to give online, but please note that this provides for a minimum contribution of £5.00 if giving via this method. The page also allows for the setting-up of a regular monthly contribution and a Gift Aid declaration by ticking the appropriate box. Alternatively, if you wish to contribute by Standing Order, then please contact the parish office. Thank you for your support!

To donate to the Parish online use the Donate button to access the giving page.

  • Latest Mass times
    SUNDAYS Mass @ 10:00am at the Sacred Heart, Whaley Bridge, by appointment.

Sacrament of Reconciliation
Currently by appointment at the Sacred Heart


Mass Centres

Parish of the Sacred Heart

31 Whaley Lane
Whaley Bridge

Methodist Church

70 Buxton Road