Holy Matrimony


Marriage traditionally celebrates the formal union of consenting adults wishing to share their lives together, and it is one of the most important and joyful decisions one can make in a lifetime. In the Roman Catholic Church, Christian Marriage is sacramental in nature, and is held to be a free, lifelong and natural union between a man and a woman, who as spouses, express their free consent one to another, to be joined together in Holy Matrimony, as a sign of the union between Christ and His Church. Just as Christ is united to the Church, so through their consent, are the couple united in a permanent and exclusive way to one another.


If you would like to be married at the Sacred Heart and one or both of you is Roman Catholic, please contact the parish office and make an appointment to see the priest or deacon at least twelve months before your intended date. It is advisable to contact us as early as possible, preferably before booking the reception, or the date you have chosen may not be available. You will be invited to attend a Marriage Preparation Course with other couples and meet regularly with the priest or deacon during the three months before the wedding. 

The Church can offer either a Nuptial Mass, or a Wedding Service, the details of which can be discussed with the priest or deacon.