As a community of faith we seek to emphasise the importance of human relationships, to develop fellowship, and to grow and nurture the life of the parish in many different ways. Our mission is not confined to activities beyond the parish, but also to work inclusively amongst the community, to promote the enrichment of family life and create opportunities for social interaction and friendship, so as to develop an awareness of support needs of singles and the bereaved, couples, the youth and our retired members.


Whilst the absence of a church hall might limit our space, we are not discouraged from creating social opportunities and activities, and in past years the parish has hosted a number of events, including Christmas and Spring Fairs, Bring & Buy Sales, Big Breakfast and a barbecue to name a few. Some events, as outlined below, are now fixed in the parish calendar and are well supported.

We are always open to ideas and suggestions as to how we can build upon the social life of the parish together, so please feel free to get in touch via the parish office or with a member of the clergy.



Hospitality – The parish very much appreciates the work of our hospitality group who host opportunities to meet in the Fellowship Room after Mass on the last Sunday of the month, providing tea, coffee and biscuits. Donations go to support CAFOD and/or APF/Missio. We welcome all new and existing parishioners, as well as visitors, to join us. The group works to a monthly rota, and if anyone would like to join , please contact the parish office, or speak to a member of the group after Mass.

Rambling – For those who enjoy the outdoor life, our locality provides the perfect setting to come together to explore our beautiful hills and moorland, and to meet and experience all the flora and fauna on offer from this part of Derbyshire. Led by our own ‘Bear Grylls’ and native of the Peak District, Terry O’Malley puts together several reasonably gentle walks throughout the year that often incorporate some local history and sometimes completed by a local pub meal. Look out for notice and details of these walks in the Bulletin, you’d be very welcome. This activity is currently on hold.


Shrove Tuesday Quiz – Seemingly now a traditional event in our social calendar, those of us who enjoy challenging our ‘grey matter’ come together in teams on Shrove Tuesday every year as a final hurrah before the start of Lent, to share fellowship and fun over food and a quiz. This has proved to be a well-supported and enjoyable event in recent years, and all are welcome to take part in the fun. Details of the event are published in the Bulletin nearer the time, so watch this space! This event is currently on hold.

Christmas Lunch – Another very popular event has proved to be this one, when as a parish community we come together in Christian fellowship over a meal [very traditional], usually before we go off to celebrate Christmas with our families and other friends. Everyone is invited to come along to share in this festive occasion, new as well as long-established parishioners. Again, you will find details of the event published in the Bulletin nearer the time. This event is currently on hold.


Book Club – This social opportunity does not yet exist within the parish, but in seeking to find ways and means for us to come together, particularly, but not exclusively, those who are retired or living alone, this item is posted here in the hope of stimulating interest amongst those who enjoy reading and would like to share that interest with like-minded people over coffee and biscuits. Please contact Deacon Mike if you would like to explore this further.

Lunch Club – Likewise, this is yet another idea designed to promote ways in which we might offer opportunities to meet together informally on a regular basis, including those who are retired or live by themselves and would enjoy company and sharing fellowship over a meal. We’re up and running, so please look out for announcements and details in the Bulletin. All are welcome and please contact Deacon Mike if you would like further information.